How to add and edit users?

How to add and edit users?

Note: Before adding a user creating designations is important, as it is mandatory information while adding/creating a user. Click here to know more about how to add/create designations?

In the “Settings” → Select the “Users & Designation” → click on the “Users” tab

Step 1: Click on the Add User button on the top right side of the screen.

Step 2: A drawer from the left side will appear, asking to fill in the employee's basic details like First Name, Last Name, Email, Date of Birth, Date of Joining, Phone, Gender, Role, Designation, and Team.

Note: The (*) marked fields are mandatory to fill.

Note: Under the team dropdown, you will see “Default” as the primary team. Either you can add the user to the “Default” team or you can later move the user to a custom created team, click here to know how to create/add teams? Click here to know more about how to add/create designations?

Step 3: After filling in the details, click the submit button to add a user to the respective team.

After clicking the submit button, the list will be updated with the added users representing the user’s Name, Email, Team, Role, and Status.

How to edit Users Profile?

For every user,  there is an action button (denoted by kebab icon) to edit the user details. Click on the kebab icon and it will reveal a context menu with options “Deactivate” and “Modify User”. Click on the “Modify User

By clicking on the “Modify User”, a drawer opens comprising basic details and user settings to edit.

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