How to Create Teams?

How to Create Teams?

At first glance, you will see the hierarchy of teams on the left. It will select the first team by default, and the details will be visible on the right. 

Steps to add a team:

  1. Click on “Add Team”.

  1. A popup appears, asking you to fill in the Team Name and Description.

  2. After filling in the details, click the Add team button to create a team.

On the left, you will see the list of teams. You can edit and add the team details by clicking on any team. The table contains 3 tabs - Team Info, Members, and Settings.

Team Info - You can set the productivity rules policy by selecting the policy for the particular team. You can also set the shift by selecting it from the dropdown.

Members - You will find the list of employees displayed with two lists named “in this team” and “not in this team”. “In this team” displays the employees in that team and “not in this team” displays all the other employees. Using the plus button, you can add employees to the existing team from the latter list. One can be a member/manager of only one team; however, multiple people can be managers of one team.

Managers - In the Members tab, click on the kebab icon ( ⋮ ) of the member whom you want to make a manager, and you will find "Make Manager" and "Change Team" in the dropdown menu.

Settings - By clicking on settings, you can edit individual team’s settings. Team settings comprise some actionable parameters controlling the type and quantity of data gathered to generate accurate and desired insights for any team.

Click here to learn more about how to edit team settings.

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