Logs Report

Logs Report


Step into the new Logs Report feature in We360.ai – an invaluable resource providing detailed insights into your organization's activities. This comprehensive report offers a tabular representation of event logs, allowing you to delve into various aspects of employee behavior and productivity.

Explore each log entry meticulously to uncover vital details such as employee and team affiliations, application and URL usage, session duration, productivity mapping status, active and idle times, key presses, mouse clicks, and system status. With this wealth of information at your fingertips, you can gain a deeper understanding of your team's workflow dynamics and optimize productivity across your organization.

Whether you're a manager, HR professional, CXO, or admin, the Logs Report feature empowers you to make informed decisions and drive performance improvements with precision. Dive into the data, identify patterns, and take proactive steps to elevate your organization to new heights of efficiency and success.

How is this report useful to you?

The purpose of event and log data is to provide a raw format of information that captures a chronological sequence of actions or occurrences within an organization. It serves as a detailed record of all employee activities, including their interactions with applications, websites, and other systems. By capturing events at any given timestamp, event and log data enables organizations to track, analyze, and understand various aspects of their operations, such as employee activity, productivity, applications & URLs usage, and more.

Enhanced Monitoring: Gain insights into which employees are accessing specific applications and URLs, and for how long. Monitor overall productivity trends and identify potential areas for improvement.

Productivity Analysis: Assess the productivity mapping status of applications and URLs to determine their impact on employee efficiency.

Behavioral Insights: Understand employee behavior patterns, including active and idle times, key presses, mouse clicks, and system status, to optimize workflows and enhance productivity.

Comprehensive Reporting: Generate detailed reports on employee activities, enabling informed decision-making and strategic planning.

Performance Optimization: Use the insights provided by the Logs Dashboard to implement targeted interventions and initiatives aimed at optimizing employee performance and maximizing organizational productivity.

Key Features of the Logs report

Employee Details: View individual employee profiles, including team affiliation and role.

Application and URL Logs: Access comprehensive logs detailing application and URL usage, start and end times, and durations.

Productivity Mapping Status: Identify whether applications and URLs are categorized as productive or non-productive.

Behavioral Metrics: Analyze active and idle times, key presses, mouse clicks, and system status to gain deeper insights into employee behavior.

Customizable Reporting: Generate customized reports tailored to your organization's specific requirements and preferences.


Embark on a journey of unparalleled insights with our cutting-edge Event and Log Reports. Dive deep into the heartbeat of your organization, capturing every pivotal moment and action with precision. Harness the raw power of data to:

Enhance Productivity: Uncover patterns and trends to optimize workflows and boost team performance.

Ensure Compliance: Stay ahead of regulations by maintaining detailed records of all organizational activities.

Improve Security: Detects anomalies and potential threats swiftly with real-time event monitoring.

With the Logs Dashboard feature in We360.ai, you have the power to monitor, analyze, and optimize employee productivity like never before. Harness the insights provided by this feature to drive informed decision-making, enhance organizational efficiency, and achieve your business objectives with confidence.

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